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Q1 Class 0-6-0 No C1

Class Introduced: 1942

Designer: Mr OVS Bulleid CBE

Built: 1942

Total Number Built: 40

Numbers Carried: C1, 33001

British Railways (BR) Power Classification: 5F

Although Mr Bulleid's wartime austerity class was unconventional in appearance, it proved to be extremely successful in design - the most powerful British 0-6-0 locomotive ever constructed, weight was cut to a minimum to ensure optimum route availability whilst saving valuable materials during a national emergency.

The unique appearance kept the class in the public eye more than most goods locomotives, especially on their occasional forays into passenger work, but due to the introduction of first generation diesels in the early 1960s their workload slowly began to diminish.  Withdrawals commenced in 1963 however the first of the class, No 33001, was kept for the National Collection and placed in interim store at Preston Park, Brighton.

Following consultation with the Bulleid Pacific Preservation Society (BPPS) it was decided that the National Railway Museum (NRM) would place the locomotive with the Nuthatch Line where an intermediate overhaul would be necessary - following arrival in May 1977, No C1 returned to traffic in 1980.

As the National Collection consists of few locomotives relating to the Second World War (and even fewer of the 0-6-0 wheel arrangement), No C1 periodically returns to York when out of traffic, dependant on whether an expedited overhaul is considered achievable.

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