Stock List

A comprehensive stock list of locomotives and rolling stock to be seen on the Nuthatch Line.
UPDATED:  March, 21st 2020
London Brighton & South Coast Railway (LB&SCR)
- A1X 0-6-0T (BR Lined Black-Early) No 32655 (Rails of Sheffield/Dapol #4S-010-005) **Pre-order
​-​ E4 0-6-2T (SR Green) No 473 (Bachmann Europe #35-076)
​-​ E4 0-6-2T (BR Lined Black-Early) No 32494 (Bachmann Europe #35-079) *75A Brighton
​- H2 4-4-2 (BR Lined Black-Early) No 32423 Beachy Head (Bachmann Europe #31-921) *75A Brighton
London & South Western Railway (L&SWR)
- B4 0-4-0T (BR Lined Black-Late) No 30096 (Dapol #4S-018-005) **Pre-order
South Eastern & Chatham Railway (SE&CR)
- H Class 0-4-4T (SE&CR) No 263 (Hornby #R3648/Hornby Collector Club Exclusive)
- P Class 0-6-0T (Bluebell Railway Lined Black) No 27 Primrose (Hattons Model Railways #H4-P-011)
- P Class 0-6-0T (SE&CR) No 178 (Hattons Model Railways #H4-P-001)
- P Class 0-6-0T (Bluebell Railway Lined Blue) No 323 Bluebell (Hattons Model Railways #H4-P-012)
Southern Railway (SR)
- USA 0-6-0T (BR Lined Malachite-Late) No 30064 (Bachmann Europe #MR-104A/Model Rail Exclusive)
Pre-Grouping Carriages
South Eastern & Chatham Railway (SE&CR)
​​- 60' Birdcage Brake Third (SR Olive Green) No 3446 (Bachmann Europe #39-621)
​- 60' Birdcage Brake Third (BR Crimson) No S3428S (Bachmann Europe #39-622)
Passenger Rated Vans
- Passenger Luggage Van (SR Green) No 1051 (Bachmann Europe #39-525A)
​- Six Wheeled Glass-Lined Milk Tanker (SR/United Dairies) (Dapol #4F-031-001)
​Brake Vans
- 10T Diagram 1541 'Road Van' (BR Bauxite) No DS 54538 (Kernow Model Rail Centre #SB003C) *RETURN TO THREE BRIDGES **Pre-order
- 24T Diagram 1543 'New Van' (BR Grey) No S55040 (Hornby #R6915)
- 25T Pill Box (SR Brown) L/H Duckets No 56462 (Bachmann Europe #38-400A)
​- 25T Queen Mary (SR Brown) No 56292 (Bachmann Europe #33-827C)
Covered Goods Vans
- 10T Box Van (SR Brown) No 45374 (Rails of Sheffield/Dapol #RL-1424-005)
- (10T) Covered Goods Van (SE&CR Light Grey) No 1922 (Rails of Sheffield/Dapol #RL-1424-007) **Pre-order
- 12T Ventilated Plywood Van (SR Brown) No 49957 (Bachmann Europe #38-075B)
Flat Wagon
- 50T Warwell - Revised Bed (SR) No MS. 76 (Oxford Rail #OR76WW010)
Open Goods Wagons
- 10T Five Plank Open Goods Wagon (SR Brown) No 11275 (Bachmann Europe #37-067)
- 12T Five Plank Open Goods Wagon (GWR Grey) No 111981 (Bachmann Europe #37-068)
- 12T Seven Plank End Door Open Goods Wagon (SR Brown) No 18166 (Bachmann Europe #37-090)
Petroleum Products Tank Wagon
- 14T Class A Tank Wagon (BENZOLE PRODUCERS LTD) No 852 (Bachmann Europe #38-775)